Custom Micro Works, L.L.C.

About Custom Micro Works, L.L.C.

Established 1988, CMW is a privately held entity.

Founder, President, CEO:

Steve L. Seawall, CPA, BS, MS, MBA, MPA
Author, Researcher, Software Developer
35 years experience in Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Budgeting
25 years experience in Software Engineering, Database Management, Programming, and Web Design
Co-author Kansas Municipal Audit Guide (1994)
Gold Key Award Winner, Kansas Society of CPAs (CPA Exam 1982 Highest Score in Kansas)
Elijah Watt Sells Award of Distinction, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA Exam 1982)
NDEA Fellowship Award, 1970-1972 Oklahoma State University
GASB Statement No. 14 project participant
GASB Statement No. 34 project participant
GASB Statement No. 35 project participant
Prepared first GAAP Annual Financial Report, University of Kansas (1999)
Frequent speaker (CPA conferences, Legislative committees, etc.)
Founder, Past President, Topeka PC Users Club

We have a stable organization, having been in operation for over 25 years.

We are a privately held entity.

We are a publicly responsible entity. We provide free services, usually on request, when we believe other alternatives are not available.

Our goal is always to provide a high quality, user friendly product at a reasonable price.

In the short term, we will focus on small accounting entities, including small local governments, small non-profits, and small businesses. We already have a product in place to serve all such entities, and that product is The New Approach (NA). NA is a fully functional comprehensive financial accounting and reporting system. With NA, we have maintained our goal of high quality, simplicity, and reasonable price, without sacrificing essential features and reporting. In the long term, we will offer technologically advanced financial accounting systems for virtually any type of financial accounting entity.