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System Requirements: Windows Based, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Compatible, Network Ready

What is Governmental Suite (GS)? Governmental Suite (GS) is one of the most sophisticated governmental accounting programs of its kind on the market today. While the program is operated from a single main menu, it has three major modules: 1) a fund accounting system (Budgetary Accounting module), 2) a multiple-utility billing and accounts receivable system (Utility Billing module), and 3) a payroll system (Payroll module). The three modules are integrated for ease of use. Additionally, GS includes the following modules: 1) Municipal Court, 2) Pet Licensing, and 3) Cemetery Management.

What is so different about GS? GS appears to be the only fund accounting system in existence that is specifically designed to demonstrate compliance with the cash basis and budget laws of most states. GS reporting focuses on the statutory basis of accounting (also referred to as the budgetary basis of accounting). We simply are not aware of any other fund accounting system that can make such a claim.

GS tracks Cash, Unencumbered Cash, and Budgetary Account balances on a daily basis. GS has built in controls to assure accuracy of the entire fund accounting system. Fund Cash Balances are reconciled to bank accounts and investments. And Unencumbered Cash Balances are reconciled to Cash Balances through outstanding encumbrances.

Why do auditors recommend GS? All monthly reconciliation reports printed during the year by the city clerk can be re-printed at year-end by the auditor. Any differences with the original reports likely can be reconciled to adjustments by the city clerk. GS provides a variety of reports showing cash receipt, cash disbursement, and budgetary expenditure detail that can be used for testing purposes. GS also can create electronic trial balances on both the cash basis of accounting and the statutory (budgetary) basis of accounting that tie to the hard copy reports. These electronic files can be imported using other software such as MS Excel and MS Access.

Why do city clerks like GS? GS is easy to install and get started because so much information is provided by default. Default information is State-specific. With as little as two hours initial training over the phone, you can be 1) printing checks to pay vendors, 2) printing paychecks for employees, and 3) creating bills for utility customers. And you can be doing all this on your own. With an additional two minutes of instruction you can be reconciling your bank accounts, most of which is done automatically by the software. We know this is all possible because it has been done!

We believe we have some of the happiest and the sharpest of all city clerks using GS. Why? They don't have to focus on learning HOW to use the software. The software is so easy to use, and it actually acts as a training tool. Instead, city clerks can focus on understanding fund accounting and what the statutory basis of accounting (budgetary basis of accounting) is all about.

Why do city councils like GS? There are several reasons. First, a happy city clerk is better than an unhappy city clerk. Second, the governing body gets monthly reports they likely have never seen before, such as the monthly fund summary of budgetary status. Third, the city very likely will actually save money. We have done the math. Whether you are currently using a manual system, some type of home-grown system in Excel, another vendorís fund accounting system, or a mixture of these three, you will in all likelihood save money.

Is this a no-brainer? Of course it is. But donít ask us, ask current GS users. You might have already heard from them. If not, we can give you some names to contact.

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