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Governmental Suite (GS) - Detailed Description

Governmental Suite (GS) is one of the most sophisticated governmental accounting programs of its kind on the market today. While the program is operated from a single main menu, it is actually three distinct programs: 1) a fund accounting system (Budgetary Accounting module), 2) a multiple-utility billing and accounts receivable system (Utility Billing module), and 3) a payroll system (Payroll module).

There are relationships between these accounting system modules, and information from one module is needed for the other. For this reason, the modules are integrated in a programming sense. For example, customer utility payments entered in the Utility Billing module are used by the Budgetary Accounting module in reporting cash and unencumbered cash. Also, payroll checks (i.e., paychecks issued to employees) created in the Payroll module are reported in the Budgetary Accounting module as disbursements.

GS Budgetary Accounting Module: The GS Budgetary Accounting module is a fund accounting system. However, it is a single entry accounting system designed to track three critical account balances for each fund: 1) cash balance, 2) unencumbered cash balance, and 3) budgetary balance. The Budgetary Accounting module uses the statutory basis of accounting (also referred to as budgetary basis of accounting) to demonstrate compliance with cash basis and budget laws (i.e., state statutes).

To the uninformed observer, the Budgetary Accounting module might appear to be the equivalent of an accounts payable system common to most other accounting packages. This is anything but the case. While the Budgetary Accounting module has many of the same features of a standard accounts payable system, it offers much more sophistication in terms of interim financial reporting to management and the governing body. It provides monthly summaries of available cash (i.e., unencumbered cash) and budgetary balances by fund. It also provides monthly and year-to-date detailed budgetary receipts and budgetary expenditures by fund.

GS Utility Billing Module: The GS Utility Billing module is a multiple-utility billing system designed to accommodate nearly any possible combination of utilities your municipality might have. Also, it should handle any number of different rate structures you are likely to have for different types of customers.

The Utility Billing module allows two optional billing forms. You can use a letter size billing (plain single sheets) with a window envelope. Or, you can use a card billing which does not require an envelope.

The accounts receivable system maintains detailed records of all current year billings and customer payments. It handles partial payments with ease, and automatically allocates payments, including sales tax, to the correct fund. A monthly customer summary report provides you with detailed information on unpaid utility billings.

GS Payroll Module: The GS Payroll module is a payroll accounting system. This module will compute the various deductions for you as well as net pay. At the end of each month and quarter, it will print reports to assist you in making required payroll tax deposits and other payroll reports.

GS Payroll has many features, some of which you are unlikely to find in other payroll packages:

1) GS Payroll has a sophisticated posting procedure to allocate payroll costs to the Budgetary Accounting system with ease.

2) GS Payroll has a several features that helps you avoid making payroll errors. Even when errors are made, most corrections can be relatively easily.

3) GS Payroll has a sophisticated payroll adjustments process that allows you to correct payroll errors even months after the error is detected.

4) GS has a feature that will properly encumber payroll at year-end.

GS Miscellaneous Submenu: Governmental Suite offers several additional functions that are not integrated with the financial accounting system modules. The following functions can be found in the "Misc" submenu: 1) Municipal Court, 2) Cemetery Management, and 3) Pet Licenses.

Note: The Municipal Court is currently in compliance with the electronic reporting requirements of only the State of Kansas. The Municipal Court module is available for use in other states, but any possible electronic reporting requirements will be added in the future.

GS Endorsed By Governmental Auditors: Governmental Suite has been endorsed by governmental auditors. GS provides reports to the auditor that range from the fund level to the transaction level. It also provides special reports that assist the auditor in testing the transaction level data.

Upgrades Will Be On The Internet: To install the software for the first time, a CD will be provided. Upgrades are provided on this web site. The upgrades install the same way as the original CD.

Manuals: Manuals are not needed for Governmental Suite. It has been our experience that after a couple of hours of initial trainging, you will be able to navigate around GS with ease. However, numerous documents are available for download that focus on helping you to understand both the software and concepts related to the statutory (budgetary) basis of accounting.

Who Should Use This Software? Governmental Suite is intended for use by cities, counties, and special purpose governmental entities, such as rural water districts. Small municipalities have always been the focus in the design and development of Governmental Suite. Yet its simplicity and reporting capabilities are unmatched by any software in existence.

No special training in the area of computers or accounting is needed to use GS. Installation and initial training is provided by phone. The software itself has edit checks on virtually every piece of data entered into the system to assure data validity. At a fraction of the cost of other packages, GS provides a complete accounting system for use by even the smallest of municipalities.

Charges to Get Started: There are no charges for the software until after it has been installed, and you are up and running, and you are completely satisfied. To use the software you will be required to enter into an annual support agreement. Refer to GS Pricing for more details.