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GS Year-End Closing Documents - For Closing Out Budget Year 2014!

Budgetary Accounting

Petty Cash Funds and Change Funds (11/25/2012)

Object Code Detail (10/07/2009)

Object Code Index (10/07/2009)

Projects and Grants (10/07/2009)

How to Handle Expenditures Made By Credit Card Or Debit Card (02/01/2012)

Cash Receipt Procedures (12/14/2013)

OTC Cash Receipt Procedures (12/14/2013)

How to Handle a Cash Receipt Reduced By a Fee Or Other Charge (08/11/2012)

Cash Receipt Problems (4/23/2014)

How to Monitor and Delete Payers (11/22/2010)

How to Void and Reprint Checks (11/25/2012)

How to Monitor and Inactivate Vendors (11/30/2010)

Vendor Paper Check Problems (1/10/2010)

Vendor Electronic Check Procedures (11/25/2012)

Vendor ACH Payment Procedures (8/11/2012)

Utility Billing

UB Startup Procedures (7/30/2012)

UB Month-End Reconciliation Procedures (7/30/2012)

Mid-Month Billings (10/07/2009)

Sewer Rates Based on Water Usage (4/17/2013)

Utility Billing ACH Procedures (8/11/2012)

Year-End Encumbrances for Customer Utility Deposits (6/10/2010)

How to Handle Refund for Customer Credit Balance (1/10/2010)

How to Set Up for Utility Billing Electronic Meter Readings (5/11/2013)

How to Handle Billing After Meter Replacement (1/10/2010)

How to Inactivate Or Delete a Customer Account Number (3/19/2012)

How to Use the Landlords Feature (10/07/2009)


PR Startup Procedures (7/30/2012)

PR Month-End Reconciliation Procedures (12/9/2012)

Effective Dated Records (10/07/2009)

Paycheck Problems (11/25/2012)

Payroll Direct Deposit Procedures (8/11/2012)

Payroll Pay Types (12/07/2009)

Net Pay Bonus (11/28/2011)

Municipal Court (State of Kansas)

Installation and Testing Procedures (10/07/2009)

Reporting Traffic Offenses to the State (10/07/2009)

Changes to Reportable Traffic Offenses (10/07/2009)


GS Setup - Version 5.05 (New Customers Only - Large File)

NA Installation Instructions (3/15/2015)

NA Setup - Version 1.48 (New Customers Only - Large File)

Access Database Engine (25MB)

NA (New Approach) Upgrade - Version 1.64 (4/19/2015)