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Pricing for Governmental Suite (GS)

Governmental Suite - Explanation of Fees and Support - 2013 (2/2/2013)

First-Year Startup Fee: $200. This is a flat fee paid by the city in its first year using GS. The fee, and other fees, are paid only after the city is up and running on GS, and the city is completely satisfied. This first-year fee is in addition to the other "annual" fees listed below that also apply to the first year of using GS.

Annual Software License Fee Per Computer: $100 per year. If you install GS on only one computer, this annual fee is $100. If you install GS on two computers, the fee is $200 per year.

Annual Support Fee: This annual fee is based on the city's population rounded to the nearest 50 and multiplied by 2. The maximum Annual Software Support Fee is $1,500. For example, the annual support fee for a city with a population of 525 would be $1,100 (550 X 2 = $1,100).

Grants and Fee Waivers: Special grants, and even complete waivers, are available if you are interested in using GS but cannot afford it. While the grants and waivers are intended for small cities, all inquiries are welcome.

Costs for Special Forms: There are two special forms that you will need when you get started using GS. First you will need pre-numbered checks. The checks used by GS are letter size and cost about $0.20 per sheet. There is only one check per sheet. Second you likely will want to use the specially designed utility billing cards. These cards are also letter size and cost about $0.20 per sheet. There are two billing cards per sheet (about 10 cents per billing card). We can sell you some utility billing cards to get started with, as well as on a continuing basis. If you prefer, we can give you the specifications and you can order them locally.

Note: All pricing is subject to change without notice.