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Kansas Budget Master (KBM) - Detailed Description

Kansas Budget Master (KBM) is a computerized budget preparation package.  It is designed specifically for Kansas municipalities - cities, counties, townships, and special districts.

KBM can be used for both large cities and small cities.  It can be used by a county with 30 funds as well as a cemetery district with one fund.

KBM is designed to do your entire budget.  It will greatly assist you in preparing all of the forms that need to be completed, and provide assurance that they are completed properly.

KBM has many special features.  Here are a few:

Upgrades will be on the Internet: To install the software for the first time, a CD will be provided. Alternatively, you can download the initial Setup file.   Upgrades will be provided on this web site.  The upgrades install the same way as the original CD (or Setup file).

Manuals.  Complete on-line documentation is available.

Who Should Use This Software?  Kansas Budget Master is designed for anyone who prepares a Kansas municipal budget. You might be a CPA, a county clerk, a city clerk, or the municipality's business officer. If you have prepared a municipal budget previously without KBM, you will greatly appreciate the ease with which you can prepare a budget with KMB. No special training is needed to use KBM.

First Time Users of KBM:  If you have not previously installed KBM on your computer, you will need a CD (or you can download the Setup file).   After you have done a complete installation you can install upgrades using the upgrade files downloadable from this website.