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Kansas Budget Master (KBM) Downloads

KBM has been tested with versions of Windows 10. Versions prior to Win 10 are no longer supported.

KBM Upgrade Version 2022.01 - for 2023 Budgets (5/16/22)

New Users Only (including installation on a new computer).  If you are a new user or need to install KBM on a new computer, follow these steps: 1) do a full installation first using the Setup File Version 2011.01), and 2) install the most recent upgrade.

For New Users Only - KBM Full Installation Setup File Version 2011.01 (This is a large file, 60 MB. A CD is available on request.)

Access Database Engine (25MB)

WinZip 90 (2MB)

KBM Budget Overview

KBM Initial Installation and Upgrade Procedures

KBM Sources of Budget Information

KBM Budget Review Tips