Custom Micro Works, L.L.C.


Optional Support Services :

Generally our support services are limited to the use of the related software. And, of course, these services are included with annual support agreements.

However, our support experts all have hands on experience in governmental accounting. If you are a new City Clerk, they might be able to assist you on other matters. Our network of users might also be of value to you.

Optional support is available for an additional annual support fee. This optional support includes:

Assistance with Financial Accounting Questions.

Assistance with Financial Reporting Questions.

Assistance with Budget Preparation.

Assistance with Preparation for your Audit. This includes assistance preparing your Annual Financial Report (AFR) that is audited by your CPA. We have numerous City Clerks that currently prepare their City's AFR. We can provide you with all the tools and expertise you need to accomplish this task.